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What do we do exactly

At BlackBox-Orange we solicitate every bit of our vast experience to maximize the use of 3D models across your company departments.

Gone are the days when 3D models were being held captive by the design department. Those data rich 3D models can be used by sales, marketing, and service departments in most manufacturing outfits.

Whether you wish to improve your 3D design experience or propagate the 3D data to colaborators - or machines - we can assist you in accomplishing this goal.

Our offering is many-fold. We do stand alone software, networked software, Software as a Service, and we have a division of Internet of Things modules that will speak back to your 3D CAD software.

All this while focusing only on making the best possible use of your existing 3D design software!

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Pier Grenon

We recently acquired a BlackBox [Automation Platform]. They [BlackBox-Orange] installed and configured it in 5 days. Since then, the time required to reproduce an assembly was reduced from 200 hours to 2 hours

Pier Grenon
AGT Robotics