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BlackBox Automation Platform NS

The server editon of our famous BlackBox Automation Platform. Includes Autodesk Inventor 2015


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This white paper will inform you on the numerous possibilities offered by the BlackBox Automation Platform

A modular approach and on your server!

Through the years as CAD users, we have identified many tasks set that are very time consuming, or error prone.

BlackBox-Orange has addressed many of those slow, daunting tasks, and has created a series of modules that companies can leverage their 3D CAD systems much more efficient.

Renaming Assemblies

  • Copy assemblies from existing assemblies
  • Copy assemblies from assembly templates
  • Rename parts assemblies based on your ways and methods

Batch file treatment

  • Batch Import files
  • Batch Export files
  • Bacth Convert


  • Read/Write any dimmensional parameters
  • Create dimmensional parameters
  • Link dimmensional parameters

Meta Data

  • Read/write properties
  • Read/write attributes
  • Import/Export properties and attributes

Create Addins

  • Create your own Addin, toolbar, buttons
  • Create forms/windows within your CAD software
  • Link your addin to data sources

Data Sources

  • Create, Read, Update, Delete data
  • SQL, filemaker
  • .ini, .xml, progress files (using Net Server)
  • Tie-in to Excel, Access, Word (using Net Server)


  • Batch modify, standardize your drawings
  • Batch Print to any printers, and PDFs
  • Create a drawing checker